About Erika Grace

Owner and lead photographer of Ericka Grace Photography, INC with 7 years of wedding experience and a formal education in photography from UCF with a Bachelor of Science. (Go Knights Class of 2015!)

With my experience you can expect a very, hands on approach with direction and guidance. I am here to help you plan for a successful photography experience. In addition, I have a sweet personally that gives me the ability to genuinely “Click” (lol) with others.

So, let’s get to clicking!

Meet Erika Grace:

Day off! If I'm not shooting a wedding I dedicate Sundays to rest & loved ones.


beautiful weddings photographed since 2013.


Years consecutively  earning The Knot's Best Of award in the wedding industry voted by real couples.


My family and friends are important to me. I want others to feel inspired anything is possible with a strong work ethic, faith & the right intentions. I'm a second generation business owner in my family!

Leaving a legacy

I started my company in Florida, but in 2020 I had the opportunity to grow in North Carolina as well. I love the mountain air, hiking, meeting new faces, and enjoying the breathtaking landscapes to work in!

Experiencing the new

The bond I make with my clients are unmatch. I really enjoy working together, learning more about you during our session together and making a bond that lasts beyond than just documenting one special milestone, but more!

Meeting amazing people like you

Growing up as a child, we had antique family albums and prints that I would page through and those tangible memories have always been special to me learning about my family history and I want my clients to feel the same appreciation looking back at their pictures I document.

Memory making 

What I love Most about my job:

I watched my parents build a tree removal business together in the 90’s. It was risky and scary for them. They did not have a lot of money or a higher education to justify their credibility to open a business. Financial freedom and abundance was placed on their heart but it required a risk. I’m thankful my parents did not allow fear to oppress them into thinking the American Dream was out of reach. I was once that little girl drinking a yummy 7/11 Slurpee on my dad’s very first work truck. I’m really proud of my parents and where we came from. 

Humble beginnings started with my parents and a seed of hope.

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I am thankful to have had both  sets of grandparents married 50+ years until they past away. I look at old black and white prints they stored in worn out albums and I think about all the love and memories they must have shared. Even the not so happy times,  but they continued to choose each other and fight for a marriage that lasts. I can't help but feel inspired and I want to share a little piece of that hope with my couples.  Classic black and white edits are my FAVORITE!

Believing in a love that stands the test of time

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I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my B.S degree in Photography and two photo related internships under my belt. I LOVED interning with Orlando Magazine, where I observed and assisted the head staff photographer. Overtime I was entrusted with more and more assignments to photograph solo and still to this day I am trusted by Orlando Magazine for their editorial content. Also Snap! Orlando provided the amazing opportunity for me to learn museum practices and show my thesis project titled "Beautiful Things".  My focus since then has shifted to providing retail services to the community but I would love to present my personal work again in the future!

Fast forward to 2015

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In 2020 I celebrated my 5-year anniversary as Erika Grace Photography,Inc!

Celebrating 5 years!

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grew up on a  farm

Most people don't know that I:

my fiance Brandon & our cat, Mia

My favorite person in the world is:

New girl 
(watched the entire season 3x's)

My favorite TV show is:

The  Couple's first look

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a teacher or youth counselor

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

Acts of service, gifts & quality time 

My love language is:



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