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Hello! I'm Erika! It's an honor to have your consideration. A little more about me, I've been photographing since 2013 and earned my BS degree in Photography from UCF (GO knights!) in 2015. I've  been published in Orlando Magazine, Orange Blossom Bride and Premier Weddings. You can expect a hands on approach with gentle posing direction and lots of encouragement!!  Many of my clients rave about my organized & warm personality that has made them feel comfortable in front of my lens and I want to "click" with you too.  I'm also a wife and a new mom to a one year old boy!

Owner & Lead Photographer

Years of wedding experience 


beautiful weddings documented.


Years consecutively earning The Knot's Best Of award 


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Meet Rebekah

Rebekah has been shooting professionally for about 8 years and earned her B.S degree in photography at UCF in 2021. Her favorite part of photographing weddings are the portraits and fleeting in between moments that otherwise go unnoticed by others. She is also the co-host of a book club podcast when she isn't photographing.

Meet Angela

 Angela has been shooting full time since 2019 and earned her B.S degree in photography at UCF. Documenting wedding ceremonies and  the sweet "I Do's" are her absolute favorite part of wedding photography. You can count on Angela to be your hype girl too. Her encouragement and direction will make your photography feel seamless!

 lead Associates

I watched my parents build a tree removal business together in the 90’s. It was risky and scary for them. They did not have a lot of money or a higher education to justify their credibility to open a business. Financial freedom and abundance was placed on their heart but it required a risk. I’m thankful my parents did not allow fear to oppress them into thinking the American Dream was out of reach. I was once that little girl drinking a yummy 7/11 Slurpee on my dad’s very first work truck. I’m really proud of my parents and where we came from. 

Humble beginnings started with my parents and a seed of hope.

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I am thankful to have had both  sets of grandparents married 50+ years until they past away. I look at old black and white prints they stored in worn out albums and I think about all the love and memories they must have shared. Even the not so happy times,  but they continued to choose each other and fight for a marriage that lasts. I can't help but feel inspired and I want to share a little piece of that hope with my couples.  Classic black and white edits are my FAVORITE and  will be included in your gallery!

Believing in a love that stands the test of time

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2015 is special to me. The year my grit and faith was tested. I value education both in a hands on  approach & with a formal education.  So in 2015 I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Photography from the University of Central Florida,  two photography internships (Orlando Magazine and Snap! Orlando gallery) , and a few years of shooting experience under my belt. This was the year  I took the leap of faith right after graduation to establish myself as a corporation and begin growing my brand.  I feel very fortunate to be entrusted by so many couples and families with their photography experience since then!

Fast forward to 2015

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In 2020 I celebrated my 5-year anniversary as Erika Grace Photography, Inc!

Celebrating 5 years!

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grew up on a hobby  farm

Most people don't know that I:

my husband  & son

My favorite person in the world is:

New girl

My favorite TV show is:

Couple's  first look reaction

My favorite part of a wedding is:

 Youth  counselor

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

Acts of  Service & affirmations

My top love languages are:


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